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      “I really like the laser treatment along with the deep tissue massage. The right side of my head was not releasing, but we are making great progress on that. Also, I was having problems with my fingers and thumbs tingling. That sensation is mainly gone. I am in the middle of my treatment and it is doing great! Results are excellent!” - Sue P.

      "Dr. Parsons [DeJarnatt] was the best chiropractic experience I have had in my life. I've been seen by many and been through the normal crunch and boot out the door every time. I was pleasantly surprised that Agape chiropractic was nothing like the rest. She takes time to listen to your complaints and goes to work. Very happy with her work ethics and skill set! Also offer massage therapy which is convenient for travel purposes. A+ all the way around." -Larry R.

What our patients are saying...

            “I was skeptical at first, but I thought what the heck I’ll give it a try. I just had back surgery and had deep muscle pain and soreness, as well as nerve pain. By the end of the first night after treatment, muscle pain and soreness left and never came back! Nerve pain took a few more treatments, but by 6-7 treatments it was gone. I am now 6 weeks post op and am clear to run and golf! I am very thankful that I trusted Dr. Mary and gave the laser a try!”  -Justin R.

    "I wanted to try HILT before going in to have my shoulder operated on. I'm glad I did."  - Paul A.peyour paragraph here.

      "Dr. Parsons [DeJarnatt] is wonderful at what she does. Her staff is courteous and always helpful. I've always been able to get in for an appointment in a timely fashion and I leave feeling much better than when I came in." - Stacy K.

     “Before beginning laser therapy I suffered from continuous headaches for about 20 years. They never went away and the pain was so bad at times I couldn’t go out fearful that headaches would become unbearable. I couldn’t even spend quality time with my kids. After starting laser therapy, I began to notice subtle changes. The intensity of my headaches started to go down and before I knew it I would go two or three days with no headaches whatsoever. Over time I began to go weeks without headaches and am now no longer afraid to leave the house and do things with my family. Simple things like listening to the radio are enjoyable again. I am so grateful I decided to go with the laser treatments!”   -Erica A.

     "Excellent! I would absolutely recommend Dr. DeJarnatt. The combination of massage and chiropractic adjustments have made a huge difference for me, including relief of plantar fasciitis. She is a wealth of knowledge and has a genuine concern for the health and wellbeing of all of her patients. You will not be disappointed." - Tammy S.

      "Dr. Mary is really good. We have looked long and hard to find someone who looks at the whole body and not just one specific spot. Referred pain often masks the real source of trouble. Dr. Mary finds it. Welcome to Williamsburg, Dr." - Gloria G.

    "Dr. Parsons [DeJarnatt] is great! I feel better knowing I don't have to live with or maintain my pain level, we can correct it. She was amazing and I feel GREAT!" - Aaron S.

      “I think the laser treatments really help do away with muscle pain. I really didn’t think it was working at first, but I’m happy with the results! Thank you Dr. Mary!”    -Jeff P.


“Fortunately, I heard about the Laser Treatment. My wrist had been hurting for several years and was to the point where I couldn’t move it much without pain. I was losing all the strength of my thumb and wrist. I have had injections, acupuncture, and the next thing I thought would be surgery. Dr. Jason Fredin and I talked and I decided to try the laser. Each treatment my wrist and thumb had less pain and I could move my wrist. I am now playing tennis and golf. I’ve gotten my strength back. “  -Jacque P.